This little girl was first clicked by me when she was still in her mommy’s tummy.

It has been an absolute joy watching her grow into this adorable infant.

l’m so grateful for all my clients especially those who keep coming back to me over the years. You form a special special bond with each family you click, since these Family Photography sessions are so intimate and you watch the family members interact up close and personal. If you want to click good family pictures you have to bring down all barriers immidiatly and connect.

Infant Photography sessions are so adorable. And they are so easy to click since they can’t move about too quickly 😁.

I like to restrict my use of props to the minimum, since l feel that the photoshoot is about the child and he or she should be the focus. Props if overused can be a distraction in an image. I also try to match the outfit with the props in terms of color scheme or themes.

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