Cake Smashes are a fun sure shot way to create some great memories as your little one turns an year older. For those of you who are not familiar with the concept, picture a naughty little imp let loose on a yummy cake, free to destroy it, eat it or throw it at the camera, free to rub the icing all over his or her face or whatever else they choose to do with it. Gosh its fun to be a toddler!!

You will get a myriad expressions during the shoot, basically a good variety of poses.Here are a few tips to ensure that the session is a raving success:

  1. Make sure that by the time of the shoot your child is a bit hungry. Not starving and cranky to bits but some 20 minutes before that stage.
  2. Make sure your child is well rested. Nothing cramps a baby’s style like lack of sleep.
  3. Make sure that the cake has butter cream icing. No fancy fondant cakes because a) fondant tastes like crap and b) its no fun to smush or rub on your face . Butter cream is yummy , soft easy to destroy and basically perfect for a cake smash.
  4. Do it in a Birthday Suit.. Duh… 😉 Not only will you save some precious little tiny cute outfits from being destroyed, but babies are the most comfortable in their skin and look cute as hell wearing a bow-tie or just pants with suspenders, for girls frilly tu tu skirts with matching hairbands are totally adorbs.
  5. Color Coordinate – In terms of props , accessories and background make sure that you have a legit color scheme. Makes a huge huge difference to the final images
  6. Less is More – I know you want all the bestest cutest props for your babies cake smash but try to restrict the elements of the set up to 2-3 items like bunting and balloons . Just bunting also works pretty well. You want the star of the show to be your child and too many decorative items can distract from the main subject that is your child.
  7. If the child is reluctant, help him or her explore by making them taste the icing or get their hands dirty.
  8. Don’t go crazy trying to get the baby to look at the camera and smile. Some of the best shots are the ones where the child is naturally exploring. Just stand behind the camera and gently encourage them to just explore.
  9. Just let them be. Watch and enjoy because this is but a fleeting moment and they grow up too fast.
  10. Don’t forget to get a short video too! Its a total MUST DO!

Hope this list was helpful to all those planning to get a cake smash done any time soon. If you are interested in booking a session with us click here.