Most clients who come to me have young children. When this family approached me l assumed the kids would be 1-5 yes old. Both these girls are off to college in another country and the family wanted some pictures clicked before they went.

It was a bittersweet experience to click them as they start the next chapter. After being with each other for almost two decades we become one with our family.

Family Photography is my favorite. I can’t stress enough the magical quality of photos to transport you across time and space.

Sure we click pictures on our phones and keep them on social media. And Facebook does remind us of our old memories from time to time.

But looking at your family portraits hanging on walls as you walk through your house is far better than staring at your screens any longer than you need. Those memories become a part of your home ❤️

No one will ever know you like your family does… Collect.Beautiful.Moments