Indoor Family Portraits

Family portraits hold a special place in my heart. More than baby portraits or maternity portraits of mothers to be, l enjoy clicking family photographs.

Things to consider for a family photoshoot:

1) Timing

As a family photographer, l get most clients at the early stages of their families. After the first birthday of their babies and till their weddings no professional photography session takes place. But l can’t emphasize enough, on how you are missing out on capturing beautiful memories in the most amazing years in between.

There is no right age for a family portrait

2) lndoor v/s Outdoors

Family portraits can be taken indoors or outdoors depending on your preference.

Indoor Family Portraits
Outdoor Family Portraits

3) Posed versus Candid

You can keep the portrait posed and polished versus natural and candid. Again a personal choice. Make sure to let your photographer know your preference.

Posed Family Portrait
Candid Family Portrait

4) What to wear to a family photography sessions?

Last but not the least is how to dress up for family pictures. Here are few tips:

a) Try to avoid too many clashing prints.

b) In one set of clothes colors should compliment each other. Think of it as a rooms color palette.

c) Don’t mix warm and cold tones.

d) Choose colors as per season.

Let me know what else you would like to know about family portrait sessions in the comments section. Till next time Namaste.