Being a young mother, a first time mother, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to photograph your kids at every stage and not just when they are babies. As they grow up, our love grows and so does their loveliness. Kids or Child photography allows you to capture the innocence and wonder of childhood, freeze toothy grins and squeals of delight. I try to capture every tiny detail through my photography, because they are this little only for so long.

Kids photography involves building a rapport with the child, so that he or she may reveal themselves in front of the camera. As a mother to a 4 year old, I find it easy to connect with children. I try to get them comfortable enough to let their guard down and just be their little adorable selves

Shooting outdoors with children is such a joy. They are in their element, running about, exploring, absorbing and feeling joyful. Their natural reactions come out beautifully on film.

Hand them a few props and they forget that they are in front of the camera. They give so much attention to everything they do and want switch to another thing just as quickly. I like capturing this effervescent quality of kids though my pictures.

Professional kids photography is a great way to store memories of this beautiful time for eternity. So don’t just wait for them to get married to get their professional portraits done, do it now, because this time is so worth capturing. Book a session here!

To figure out the best age for Kids Photography, check out my blog here.

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