I love clicking Indian Family Portraits . In India the bond of family is almost sacred. It is such a joy to capture my clients at their natural best.

This family I was actually clicking for the third time. That is why the comfort they felt in front of the camera was instant. As a family photographer I live for these natural smiles and honest connection.

I even clicked a few cute portraits of the girls chilling in a metal tub. Over all a very satisfying indoor + outdoor family photo session.

When you think of Indian Family Portraits you envisage Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham type formal portraits. And most Indian Families only get their professional portraits clicked at weddings in stiff and stuffy poses. My kind of Indian Family portrait is all about love and joy and is homely and natural. Because family is Home.

I would urge you to not go by the precedent set by others and only get clicked on your son or daughters wedding by a professional photographer. Please, please get clicked with your kids no matter what age they are. So what if you missed getting a baby photoshoot done? Your kids are just as special and beautiful as when they were babies. You in fact love them more now then ever. SO collect these beautiful moments before they are not little anymore.

Let me capture all your memories so you can relive them forever …

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