8 Months Boy | Sitter |Outdoor Portrait Session

Infant photography refers to photography of babies between the age 0-1 months. 8 Months is a great time to get an Infant Photoshoot done. At this stage, your baby may have started to sit and even crawl. This lets them explore their surroundings with much ease. Their curious nature keeps them engaged. And since they can sit independently, we can get some great solo shots.

Baby Photoshoot with Family Portraits

Mother Son Portrait by Somya Sood Photography

Infant Photoshoot Delhi & Gurgaon

Infant Photoshoot Delhi & Gurgaon

Infant Photoshoot Delhi & Gurgaon

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Did you miss getting a Newborn Photography Session? Is your child in the infant stage?  Worry not ! You can still get your baby clicked by a professional photographer. And the results might be way better that any new born photoshoot. In fact, your child will be more interactive and we can capture a few genuine smiles and even giggles.

I can answer any questions and help you plan the infant photoshoot of your dreams. Feel free to get in touch.

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