You flew in softly and tiptoed in my life
My parched soul got a reprieve
My heart is now your permanent home
We shall play with elves and gnomes

The moon will sing with me a lullaby
The stars do a slow tambourine dance in the sky
My blurred vision suddenly got a divine sight
You are the soul of my soul, my eternal light

There is a river gushing inside me
You are the fountain, you are my chi
I hear nothing but your sweet voice
You shimmer, you glisten and I rejoice

You, my darling are my inner sun
You are the song that I will hum
Today, tomorrow and forever
Your inner light I shall devour

You are the ink on my heart that will never blur
The calligraphy etched deep inside
You have fulfilled a deep void
You are my baby, my love, my joy, my pride


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