Baby photo shoots can be done in many ways. You can go for an indoor baby photo shoot or an outdoor one. You can go for an elaborate setup with props or you can go simple and minimalist.

Here are a few baby photoshoot ideas to choose from for your own baby’s professional photo session.

1. Outdoor Baby Photo Shoot ldeas

A lot of parents are apprehensive about taking their babies outdoors. And l understand that fear, being a mother myself. But taking them outdoors is probably the best thing you can do for them.

Outdoor baby photo shoot

The sounds, the textures, the smells of a garden are all rich inputs to their tiny developing brains. Ofcourse weather etc needs to be taken into consideration to ensure the wellbeing of the child.

One year old baby girl photo shoot

But the results are just magical. I would always prefer a nature inspired shoot over an indoor one. But it is of course a personal choice.

2. Minimalist Indoor Baby Photo Shoot

Family photo shoot with New Born Baby

A photography style that has become really popular off late is Lifestyle Photography.

It’s essentially is a form of photo journalism . Lifestyle Photography tries to capture subjects at their authentic best. You can think of it as candid photography.

It does not involve props or backdrops. The setting is minimalist and austere keeping the subject the main focus of the image.

Besides solo shots of the baby we include family pictures in this setting.

Indoor Lifestyle Baby Photo Shoot

This kind of shoot takes place at one of my studios in Delhi or Gurgaon depending on your proximity and convenience.

3. Indoor Baby Photo Shoot with Props

A lot of new parents dream of getting their babies clicked in adorable setups and outfits . I will admit to being one of them. Before l started doing photography professionally, l got my own son photographed in an elaborate set-up by a reputed photographer.

Indoor Baby Photo Shoot Props

I personally stick to few tasteful props coordinated with the color of the baby’s wrap.

Infant Photography

For older babies close to their first birthday l always always insist on shooting part of the session outdoors. They are old enough to enjoy the fresh air and especially enjoy plucking grass and weeds.

New Born Baby Girl Photography

Hope by now you have enough inspiration for your baby’s first photo shoot. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Till next time 🙏