It is a momentous occasion in one’s life when they become parents. It can be a very emotional and exhilarating time for parents. Booking a baby photography session well in time should be a priority for new parents, because this precious time goes by in a blink of an eye. A baby photography session allows you to freeze time and cherish these memories forever.


Ideally newborns are photographed within the first two weeks of being born. I know this can certainly be a hectic time, but it is really essential to book early. This is because new born babies sleep more soundly in the first 15 days of their existence and are hence really easy to wrap and pose during this period.

These new born, baby photography sessions occur in the comfort of my home studio, where in I have all the amenities you may need to take care of your precious angel and maybe even sneak in a power nap while I shoot your baby.

Baby, Kids, Maternity, Family Photography


The first year of having a baby in your life is a magical time as you watch the tiny life you created, learn to sit, crawl, stand and even walk. Even in the later months till they turn one, a baby photography session can be equally rewarding. At different stages of your babies’ development there are a whole bunch of unique poses that can be tried. Around 3/4 months they are able to hold their heads when on their tummies. When they are 5/6 months they can sit, at 8 months they start crawling and before you know it around their first birthday they take their very first steps. You can learn all about the best time to photograph your child refer to my post here.


Baby, Kids, Maternity, Family Photography

On their first birthday a cake smash photography session can be a lot of fun.To understand what a cake smash is all about read my blog here.


Baby, Kids, Maternity, Family Photography

In baby photography sessions I like to include siblings and family in many of the shots, besides solely capturing your precious baby. In such shots I try to capture the tenderness and the budding connection between parent and baby or between siblings. The bond that a family shares is just too magical not to capture…

Baby, Kids, Maternity, Family Photography

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