Delhi summers can be really harsh and the best time to shoot in such weather is at morning. We start with the outdoor part of the session to make the most of cooler temperatures. You can even book on a weekday and make it to work on time.

Toddler PhotoshootToddlers can be a handful. During the photoshoot as a Photographer, you have to keep them engaged and be flexible yourself. Be prepared for a change of plan as nothing is more uncertain than a toddler’s myriad moods.

Mother Baby Portrait, New Delhi

Family pictures are absolutely compulsory in all my sessions. Portraits of kids on their own are great, but the interactions with parents are just priceless.

Family Photography , New Delhi

Once a picture is clicked that moment lives on forever. You can always look back at how you were, the little mannerisms of your kids etched forever to look back and smile upon.

Baby, Kids, Maternity, Family Photography

Baby, Kids, Maternity, Family Photography

Be prepared for the quiet moments and the loud ones.

Toddler Photographer, New Delhi

Child Photographer, New Delhi

Kids Photography , New Delhi

Outdoor Kids Photography

The indoor portraits are just as special. Grandparents are always welcome to join for part of the photoshoot. They are precious to children and the connection just leaps out from the pictures.

Baby, Kids, Maternity, Family PhotographyBaby, Kids, Maternity, Family PhotographyBaby, Kids, Maternity, Family Photography
So hurry and book your session now. Till next time Namaste.