I clicked this lovely couple when they were expecting. When l got a call to click them with their daughter l was ecstatic.

Family pictures are the most beautiful to me. In a world that is increasingly superficial and self obsessed. The love a family shares is authentic and comforting.

When I started this journey, it was Family Photography that I wanted to do most passionately. A lot of parents feel the focus should be on the child and may not be comfortable in front of the camera. But I would urge you to get a family portrait session done. Trust me you will not regret it.

Even if you are many kgs away from your ideal weight , when many years pass by you will look at these Family Photography images and remember how your baby felt in your arms. How one smile , one syllable could melt your heart.

Of course l take baby photographs too. They are after all the center of your universe.

Each session l book purposely includes family pictures, indoor and outdoor photography and individual pictures of your child.

So don’t over think. Book your session now!

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