How Pregnancy Changes You?

Maternity, Motherhood , Fatherhood is a beautiful and transformative journey.Small changes sneak up on you even when you are expecting.You start dreaming and preparing.Pregnancy Photography seeks to capture a very important juncture in your life. You go from two to three. You become completely and utterly responsible for another life.And you have a partner in this journey with you, your spouse. I make sure that fathers are as much a part of this photo session as mothers.They may not carry the baby inside but, they are preparing in their own way. My husband started focusing on his health. Started running and lost a bunch of weight.He also got super driven when it came to work. Me on the other hand, l found my true calling. The career path that let me explore my creative side, be my own boss and have enough time for me AND my son.Collect Beautiful Moments with Somya Sood Photography.Till next time Namaste.