Many couples, as dog parents, want to include their four-legged kids in maternity photoshoots. Who can blame them? After all, dogs are integral part of a family and they love being the center of attention. They are cute, adorable and filled with zest for life. They can make photos come to life. 

Dogs and Maternity Photoshoots

I love working with dogs as it challenges my creativity. Many dogs enjoy being photographed and are more than ready to look at the camera and pose for me even without being commanded to do so. These photos come out natural and candid. When clicking photos with a dog, everything is about capturing the moment and making sure that I click photos that showcase how important the dog is to the couple.

With the pandemic still at large, I accept bookings for outdoor maternity photoshoots. With a dog in tow, these photoshoots can be personalized. Every dog has its own personality and it comes out beautifully when clicked the right way. 

Book Your Maternity Photoshoot with a Dog

I truly believe that dogs are our first babies. So, why shouldn’t they be part of a maternity photoshoot? I recently did a maternity photoshoot for a couple and their dog, and you can see the results. 

The photos are beautiful, bespoke, and filled with happiness. I was lucky that the dog loved being photographed so it made my job that much easier. Nonetheless, it was one of the ost fun-filled maternity photoshoots that I have had. 

So, if you have a dog and want to make it part of your maternity photoshoot in Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, or Faridabad, I will not complain. I would welcome Fido and ensure your four-legged family member is part of your celebration of motherhood. These photos will become treasured family heirlooms for sure!