Photoshoot packages at Somya Sood Photography are designed to give enough choice without overwhelming you. The options are mainly divided into three categories:

  1. Indoor
  2. Outdoor
  3. Indoor + Outdoor

These options are available for each category of photoshoot. Whether its baby, maternity, family or child photography.

Indoor Photoshoot Package – Rs 20000

Family Photography Ideas

In this package the baby, maternity, family or kids photo shoot will happen indoors in my lifestyle studio. I don’t use any backdrops or props in my indoor session except for a new born baby photo shoot. It is a lifestyle photography studio which imitates a home like setting. You can relax and have a blast while getting clicked and be sure to have some honest and beautiful images at the end of the session. Family pictures are included in a baby or child photography session. Shoot duration is one hour.

Outdoor Photoshoot Package – Rs 20000

Outdoor Baby Portrait Photographer Delhi & Gurgaon

Outdoor Photo Shoot package includes one hour of shooting time and use of props. Family pictures are included in the baby, maternity and kids photo shoots as well. We can do one set up with props in baby or kids photo shoot. I like to shoot in the golden hour when the lighting is magical. The outdoor shoot locations have been chosen with great care keeping lighting and backdrop in mind. They are pre-decided and you can choose between GK2 and Gurugram as per your convenience.

Indoor + Outdoor Photoshoot Package – Rs 35000

Family Photography with Baby

In this package you get the best of both worlds. The duration is two hours. Family pictures are again included. As a bonus I have also included two poster prints in this package. The package is reasonably priced at Rs 25000 only versus Rs 32000 if you had booked the two packages separately. So that’s Rs 7000 off plus two high quality poster prints.

Maternity plus Baby Photoshoot Package – Rs 50000

Pregnancy Announcement

In case of Maternity Photoshoot, I have added a maternity plus baby photoshoot package because people usually like getting both done. And I wanted to give a good deal if the two are booked together.

Both sessions will be indoor plus outdoor and two hours long each.

Being a mother myself I understand that it takes time to recuperate after a delivery and to adjust to taking care of a baby. Not all parents are comfortable taking their new born to a photo studio in the first month of its birth. This package provides flexibility to the parents to get the baby shoot any time during the first year.

At the end of the two sessions you get a hard cover photobook of 10×8 size.

Again this package is heavily discounted and you save Rs 20000 vis a vis booking separate photo shoots.

If you want to know more details about all Photoshoot Packages, click here.