This Baby Photography session turned out to be quite versatile. We did an indoor family lifestyle shoot and two outdoor locations.
Lifestyle Family Photographer
Natural Light

A lifestyle family photo session captures you and your family at their most natural. The best pictures are the ones where no one is looking at the camera and you click the family in their element. Like the picture above where the mom is trying to play hide and seek with her one year old baby boy. Or the one in which the father is picking up his son. The expressions and emotions are completely unposed.

For the outdoor part l try to pick locations that look like pure wilderness with some beautiful light. They might not look like the likliest photoshoot location but you have to trust my eye as a photographer.

Like l said before, this was quite a versatile shoot. The third Outdoor Photography location was lush green unlike the autumn look of the previous pictures.

One of my favorites with Grandpa ❤️

Let me know what you thought of this session in the comments section.

Till next time namaste.🙏