This cutie came to my studio as part of the maternity plus baby photography package that his parents picked out. It’s always nice to be part of a couple’s journey from expectant parents to actual parents.

And like all other parents I too give them my two bits of wisdom (#unwantedadvice 😋) on how to get through this humongous change in their lives.

It feels like your clients become your friends when they allow you to be a part of this epic journey.

As a maternity and baby photographer l feel continuing with the same photographer adds to comfort that reflects in the pictures. I feel it’s a great idea to book the same photographer for your maternity photoshoot as well as baby photoshoot.

You have already done your research for the best maternity photographers in the Delhi NCR area and you have experienced the photoshoot first hand. With a little baby in the house it gets very difficult to focus on finding a photographer again and going through the whole decision making process. You will likely be already overwhelmed.

Not only will you lessen your efforts and can focus fully on yourself and your baby post delivery. You will also in all probability get a good discount on the package deal.

That’s all the Gyan l have for now. Till next time Namaste.🙏