I got into photography after I got married. From being a selfie enthusiast to a portrait photographer it has been quite a journey.

What drew me to photography was the ability to not only freeze time but also to be able to share it with those who were not there to experience it with me. It started with my passion for travel and my immense longing to capture and hold the beauty my eyes were drinking in, for eternity.

But I seriously started to learn the technicalities and nitty-gritties of photography only after I had my lovely and beautiful son. I wanted to capture not just the details of his tiny features but also the twinkle in his eyes, the intense protectiveness and love I felt for this little stranger who had turned my world upside down. And soon I felt I had to share this magic with others.

I want my pictures to be a glimpse into that lovely afternoon spent with family/ loved ones. I want those looking at the pictures to feel the love, the laughter, the warmth of the sun on their backs. I want my pictures to capture you as you are, natural, relaxed, in love. I like to use natural light and natural backdrops for my images because the outdoors speak to me and they tend to relax my subjects. As they are surrounded by the beauty of nature, they smile more naturally, interact with each other at ease. Its just the effect of being amidst trees and birds and forgetting that you are in the city.

Posed portraits look good in advertisements but I want you to smile as you look back at these photographs and be transported back in time. That is the effect I want my work to have on my clients – to be able to make their memories richer, more tangible and as close to the reality of that beautiful moment as possible.

The emotions I love seeing in my work are;

              JOY        LOVE         TENDERNESS         CONNECTIONS                           CHEMISTRY             EXCITEMENT              ELATION                                        GLEE                        BLISS                    EUPHORIA               AFFECTION                WARMTH                CONTENTMENT