What to wear to a family photo shoot is the first question asked by my family photography clients. Styling I feel can be heavily under looked by photographers. A picture is a combination of elements that have color and texture.

Paying a tiny bit of attention to your clothing and look can go a long way in ensuring a successful family photography session. So let me give you a few tips to pick the right clothes and accessories for a family Photo Shoot.

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  • It’s all about color . Make sure the colors you pick for you and your family go well together. One way to check this would be to lay them out on the bed or hang them together to see if a particular set looks good together. If confused, go with neutral colors, they are the safest bet. Different colors work for indoors and outdoors. For outdoors you have to bear in mind the background colors will be green or brown depending on the weather. You and your family  will have to stand out against these colors . In indoor sessions , my studio background is mostly white. Neutrals and Lighter colors look gorgeous in this setup. However since the background is white you can go in any direction.
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  • Avoid Pattern on Pattern  . Don’t go crazy with patterns. If one person in the family is wearing a bold pattern the rest should stick to solid colored outfits. If you do want to combine patterns you can be safer with stripes or checks with florals. 
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  • Keep it Simple . Don’t go overboard with accessories and props. Let the focus of the family portrait be the connection you have as a family, rather than your clothes. Don’t wear embellished, jazzy outfits. Wear the right undergarments , so that you don’t keep adjusting your bra strap in your off shoulder dress . Be mindful of your comfort and be especially mindful of the kids’ comfort. Discomfort shows in the photographs and a family photographer wont be able to hide it. No matter how good he or she is.
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  • Be You ! Last but not the least make sure you and your family members are wearing something they feel happy and confident in. Not something they wouldn’t otherwise wear.The purpose of a family photography session is to capture you as you are. So that you can look back and remember with fondness. And not cringe at these pictures later in life and think “what was I thinking ” 😉

Hope I have been able to relieve some of your stress with regards to styling for a family photo shoot. If you still have any confusion, feel free to contact me here.

Till next time Namaste.