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Quarantine Kids Photoshoot, COVID19 Pandemic, Gurugram

How am I doing a Quarantine Kids Photoshoot in the Covid 19 Pandemic you ask? Well it’s my very own kid. My original muse. Because of whom I discovered my passion for photography. It’s true that when your hobby becomes your job you no longer do it for yourself. Well […]

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COVID Maternity Photoshoot

COVID 19 Photoshoots : Pandemic Safety Measures

Thinking of getting Photoshoots done in the COVID 19 Crisis? But too scared to go ahead? We at Somya Sood Photography are taking the utmost care to allay all your fears. Read on… This pandemic has shaken all of us to the core and we are all trying to cope […]

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Smartphone Photography: A Crash Course

Do you wish you could take better pictures of your kids? Do you find fancy cameras too complicated to operate or too expensive to buy? Worry not, smartphone Photography is the answer to all your woes. I’m going to help you take awesome pictures with your smartphones. I know, l […]

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Family Photography

What to wear to a Family Photoshoot ?

What to wear to a family photo shoot is the first question asked by my family photography clients. Styling I feel can be heavily under looked by photographers. A picture is a combination of elements that have color and texture. Paying a tiny bit of attention to your clothing and […]

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Baby Photo Shoot ldeas

Baby photo shoots can be done in many ways. You can go for an indoor baby photo shoot or an outdoor one. You can go for an elaborate setup with props or you can go simple and minimalist. Here are a few baby photoshoot ideas to choose from for your […]

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